Villa Elevator Within The Next Few Years Will Dramatically Increase In Demand

2000 China lifts (escalators and vertical lift is included here), production and sales of only 37,500 units, and since then China elevator began to gradually transition from subsistence to self-sufficiency and export the synchronization period of rapid growth. 2000-2007 8 years the composite high-speed elevator production and sales in China growing at nearly 30%. And began Yu 07 of global financial crisis hit has elevator industry high-speed growth of waist, due to elevator industry has lag, in 08 passengers elevator industry sales volume growth Xia down to 13%, to 09 financial crisis of lag effect more is, China elevator industry association January 10 latest forecast 09 export significantly declined 30% around, even domestic elevator market growth 13% around, 09 overall elevator sales volume growth still Xia down to 5% around. 08 as 245,000 units, by this calculation 09 elevator production and sales volume is about 257,000 units.

Villa lift the next 35 years will dramatically increase

It is reported that this Villa home elevator to fill the gaps in the domestic market for such products, 3-5 in North Canton in first-tier cities in the past from test marketing to stay. Technetronic electrical analysis of Shanghai official said this elevator in solving the mobility for the elderly, people with disabilities and down the stairs difficult questions, no doubt for a single commercial elevator industry has opened up a new market segment. Current cities Villa sales in Guangdong has entered a period of steady, Southwest region also has wide Villa elevator market.