Scale Of China's Elevator Market Steadily Increased Sales Scale Of 225.852 Billion

Lift refers to the power drive, box that runs along rigid guides or cascade that runs along a fixed route (time), parallel to the lifting or transporting people, goods electrical and mechanical equipment, including vertical lift that runs to the elevator, tilt direction of the escalator, inclined or horizontal direction moving walkways.

Elevator product performance including safety, reliability, efficiency and comfort. Security is refers to elevator products security stable run of capacity, Elevator of other performance are to security for premise expand; reliability is refers to elevator products in provides time within keep provides function of probability; efficient sex is refers to elevator products in 5 minutes peak within of transport capacity; comfortable sex is refers to people ride elevator Shi of inside feel, research showed that, people on elevator open closed interval time shortest requirements for 30 seconds, arrived destination most long psychological bear time for 90 seconds, so, can through acceleration, and Deceleration of the use and adjustment of the pressure device satisfy the comfort elevator.

Elevator industry refers to a variety of lifts, escalators and moving walkways, lifts and the manufacture of specialized parts. According to the classification and codes for national statistical offices to develop the industries of the national economy, China's elevator industry is classified to the General equipment manufacturing industry (INSTAT code C34) material handling equipment manufacturing (INSTAT code C343), its statistical magnitude 4 code is C3435.

Elevator production in China at present total global production and sales of two-thirds, up to 600,000 units (of which exported 76,000), production declined from 2013 3.3%, for the first decline in the past years, while exports rose last year compared with 15%, 12.67% per cent of total annual sales of domestic lifts stock of 3.55 million units, accounting for about 27.5% of the global population.

According to Booz 2016-2022, data released by the China elevator industry analysis and investment trend report: in 2014, China elevator industry consumed about 640,600, industry sales of about 225.852 billion yuan.