Resolved Two Or Three Domestic Lifts The Market Competition Will Be More Intense

With China's rapid economic development, more and more construction of high-rise buildings, elevator industry is constantly developing. Elevator new demand in the future will remain relatively stable growth, from the perspective of demand can be divided into:

2014-2018 issued according to the Institute for prospective industries China's elevator industry market forecast analysis report and the transformation and upgrading of statistics: in 1980, China elevator output for the 2,249 2007 up to 186,000 units, in 1980, 82 times, of elevator production in China in 2007 more than half of the global total. China is the world's largest elevator market, and formed the strongest lift capacity worldwide, an elevator factory in the world in the field of manufacturing center. The rapid economic development and continues to advance the process of urbanization is the main driver of growth in demand for elevators, regression analysis showed that real estate investment and lift demand for historical data correlation is quite high. Regulated by national policies affecting the commercial real estate investment growth would slow.

Yihou elevator industry of international status development is to amazing of speed to achieved and upgrade, huge of market needs and production makes China became global first manufacturing powers and first keep volume powers, industry enterprise increasingly more of participation international technology standard, and exhibition, and Forum, activities, on technology, and standard, the aspects of understanding constantly deepened, by original of learning who into active of participants and practice Walker, made has more of international discourse right, European standardization organization, increasingly more of heard China of recommends and views.

Elevator manufacturing industry is a mechanical and electrical systems in a technology-intensive industry. Made in core technology, technicians, technical development and standardization management mechanism, there are big obstacles. Some major elevator manufacturers to be able to master the elevator design technology, drive technology, control technology, the core technology, for maximum product performance. Takes a long time to accumulate these core technologies, technology needs is maintained by a long period of research and development in the process of establishing a systematic research mechanism, stock research and development staff and up-to-date research and test equipment. New companies find it difficult to master in a short time the elevator core technology research and Development Center and team-building is hard to reach the level of existing large and medium lift machine production enterprises.