Photoelectric Switch With Small Size, Many Functions, Long Life, High Precision

Photoelectric switch (photoelectric sensor) is the abbreviation of photoelectric proximity switch, it is the use of the detection of the light beam occlusion or reflection, from the synchronization circuit to select the power path, so as to detect the object. Objects are not limited to metals, and all objects that reflect light can be detected. The photoelectric switch converts the input current on the transmitter to a light signal, and the receiver detects the target by the intensity of the received light or the object. Security system common photoelectric switch smoke alarm, industry often use it to count the number of mechanical arm movement.

The photoelectric switch is a kind of sensor, which converts the intensity and strength of the light between the transmitter and receiver into the change of current to achieve the purpose of detection. Because the photoelectric switch output circuit and the input circuit are electrically isolated (ie, electrical insulation), it can be used in many occasions. The new generation optoelectronic switching devices manufactured by integrated circuit technology and SMT surface mount technology have the functions of delay, broadening, external synchronization, anti-interference, high reliability, stable work area and self-diagnosis. This novel photoelectric switch is an active photoelectric detection system type electronic switch using pulse modulation, it uses a cold source of infrared light, red light, green light and blue light, etc., can be non-contact, without damage to the rapid and control of various solids, liquids, transparent, blackbody, soft body and smoke and other substances in the state and movement. It has the advantages of small volume, many functions, long life, high precision, fast response speed, far detection distance and strong ability of resisting light, electric and magnetic interference.

Photoelectric switch has been used in crop level detection, liquid level control, product count, width discrimination, speed detection, fixed length shearing, hole recognition, signal delay, automatic door sensor, color standard detection, punching and shearing machine, and safety protection and many other fields. In addition, the use of infrared stealth, but also in banks, warehouses, shops, offices and other needs of the occasion as a security alert.

The commonly used infrared photoelectric switch, is uses the object to the near infrared ray Beam's reflection principle, by the synchronous loop induction reflected back the light intensity and the detection object existence or not realizes the function, the photoelectric sensor first emits the infrared ray beam to arrive or through the object or the mirror to the infrared ray beam to reflect, The photoelectric sensor receives the reflected beam, judging the existence of the object according to the intensity of the beam. The type of infrared photoelectric switch is also very many, generally has the mirror reflection type photoelectric switch, the diffuse reflection type, the trough type, to the shooting type, the optical fiber type and so on several main kinds. Photoelectric switch quick and easy to choose the automatic selection has included.

In different occasions using different photoelectric switches, such as in the electromagnetic vibration feeder often use optical fiber photoelectric switch, in the intermittent packaging machine Packaging film for the supply of the use of diffuse reflective photoelectric switch, in the continuous high-speed packaging machine often use slot-type photoelectric switch.