Photoelectric Switch To Ensure The Safety Of Electricity

Photoelectric Switchfor the entire home improvement process is very detailed, small part, but it supports the home safe electricity "lifeblood", its importance is self-evident, therefore, Photoelectric Switchin the use and maintenance is also very exquisite. Switch off how to do? Photoelectric Switchhow to replace these questions you know how much?x

  Switch do not repeatedly switch: Photoelectric Switchin the daily use, we tend to commit such a small mistake, such as the switch repeatedly open and close. This will not only increase the amount of electricity, but also to reduce the life of the switch, in the open and close the process, the switch will be operating parts of the wear and tear. Want to avoid the switch is not sensitive to reduce the number of unnecessary switch action.

Photoelectric Switchmaintenance method

  Socket use speaking order: with the Photoelectric Switchuse note order, the correct use should be, first insert the plug and then open the switch; Similarly, pull out the plug in the order is to close the switch and then pull the plug. This can avoid the plug and the socket within the copper when the friction caused by the spark, copper to reduce wear and tear.

 Photoelectric Switchsurface protection: want to Photoelectric Switchmore durable, you can add some decoration around to protect, some special space more needs, such as bathroom, kitchen, Photoelectric Switchwith a cover to prevent water vapor and oil pollution Photoelectric Switchsurface, But also to protect the safety of electricity is an important measure.

  Photoelectric Switchclean alcohol: Photoelectric Switchis always clean, you can use a small amount of dry cloth dip low concentration (70% -75% concentration) of alcohol wipe, avoid water clean, not only leave the water, there are electric shock hazard.

  Photoelectric Switchreplacement points

1: Turn off the power. Before replacing the socket, you need to cut off the power of the outlet and select a new outlet with the same type of outlet (ground or non-grounded) and 20 ops.

2: disassembly. Use a screwdriver to remove the screw on the socket and remove the cover. If the cover is not easy to remove, use a blade to remove the paint from the edge of the cover. Carefully pry the cover. Remove the screws of the fixing box and remove the socket from the box. Loosen the screws that secure the wires and carefully remove the wires.

3: Wiring. Connect the new receptacle to the wire and secure it with screws. General blue (red) access to the position of N, fire (yellow / red) access to the L position, ground (yellow and green phase) access to the E position. Tighten the screws after access.

4: Installation. The socket and wire carefully folded into the box, press the junction box, tighten the fixed line box screws, the installation should pay attention to check the line box is often stable. Finally, the cover is fixed with screws and the power is turned on.

5: electricity inspection. For safety reasons, the replacement of the socket can be used to test the pen. The pencils touch the jacks, the front section bright for the negative (zero line position), the back end bright for the positive (FireWire position). After the correct power, the left side of the socket should be zero line, the right side of the line of fire.