Photoelectric Switch Safe And Reliable, Suitable For Detecting High-speed Changes

Photoelectric Switch is a radio-type Photoelectric Switch, also known as u-type Photoelectric Switch, the general way of infrared control, can be used to detect translucent objects through the light. Reflective task forces with distance limits are basically limited near the focus of the beam. Mirror reflection is characterized by far reflection distance, the use of a lot of long-range detection.

Various Photoelectric Switches in the automatic monitoring, automatic control, automatic counting and other areas of production has been widely used

In practical applications, the size and shape of the Photoelectric Switch due to the use of occasions, the use of different and different. The trough Photoelectric Switch is usually a standard concave-shaped structure, the photoelectric emission tube and the receiving tube are located on both sides of the concave groove, and form an optical axis. When the object is detected through the concave groove and block the optical axis, the Photoelectric Switch to produce the detected switch signal. Slot-type Photoelectric Switch is safe and reliable, suitable for detecting high-speed production monitoring sites. The internal structure of the Photoelectric Switch is NPN type and PNP type. General Photoelectric Switch working current of about 5 ~ 20n1A, the operating voltage should be less than 30V, the output drive current is different according to the model and a great difference, a few hundred mA, a small only a few milliamperes.

The following NPN slot Photoelectric Switch, for example, the working principle of a simple description: When the Photoelectric Switch on the work of power, photoelectric emission tube issued infrared, receiving tube in the conduction state. When the mask or object through the "groove", the receiving tube of the infrared signal is interrupted, the C, E pole recovery block state. When the mask or object in the past, the receiving tube to re-receive the infrared signal, the C, E very re-in the conduction state. In different application circuits, according to the need to work its output state is designed to high or low "pulse" output,

It should be noted that some of the finished product of the finished trough Photoelectric Switch has been welded to the four-wire and plug the four lines of color are brown, black, red and orange. The four lines are not connected to the usual red line, and the black wire is grounded. The actual test, respectively, brown A, black C, red K, orange E.

Common use of Photoelectric Switch:

Detection distance is long

If the detection distance is 10 m or more, the detection means (magnetic, ultrasonic, etc.) that can not be realized can be realized. The same time as the above-

Less restrictions on the detection of objects

As the detection of objects caused by the shading and reflection for the detection principle, so not close to the sensor and other objects will be limited to the metal material, photoelectric sensor can be glass, plastic, wood, liquid and other objects to be detected. The same time as the above-

Response time is short

The light itself is high speed, and the sensor circuit is made of electronic parts, so do not contain mechanical working time, the response time is very short.


High-resolution can be achieved by high-level design techniques to concentrate a cast light beam at a small spot, or by forming a special light-receiving optical system. But also for small objects detection and high-precision position detection. The same time as the above

Can achieve non-contact detection

It is possible to prevent the object and the sensor from being detected without requiring mechanical contact with the detection object. Therefore, the sensor can be used for a long time.