Photoelectric Switch Light Source For The Media, The Application Of Photoelectric Effect

Photoelectric switch definition: This product to light source for the media, the application of photoelectric effect, when the light source by the object shield or reflection, radiation and shading lead to changes in the amount of light to detect the object's presence, size and brightness, and to produce contact and no Contact output signal of the switching element. The photoelectric switch includes several types, which do not have the light source itself, and is detected by the change amount of the light emitted by the measured object. The illumination of the photoelectric switch by the natural light shields the amount of the change of the natural light from the object; the photoelectric switch itself has the light source, Of the light source to be detected by the object reflection, absorption, and transmission of light to detect the amount of change. Commonly used light source for the ultraviolet light, visible light, infrared light band, light source type bulb, LED, laser tube; output signal switch or analog and communication data information.

Photoelectric switch called, mainly for the switch output switch components.

Photoelectric sensor called, covering the output switch, analog, communication data.

At present, the name of the market photoelectric switch is divided into light source, detection form, use, structure, etc. named.

Detection distance is long

If the detection distance is 10 m or more, the detection means (magnetic, ultrasonic, etc.) that can not be realized can be realized. The same time as

Less restrictions on the detection of objects

As the detection of objects caused by the shading and reflection for the detection principle, so not close to the sensor and other objects will be limited to the metal material, photoelectric sensor can be glass, plastic, wood, liquid and other objects to be detected. The same time as

Response time is short

The light itself is high speed, and the sensor circuit is made of electronic parts, so does not contain mechanical working time, the response time is very short.


High-resolution can be achieved by high-level design techniques to concentrate a cast light beam at a small spot, or by forming a special light-receiving optical system. But also for the detection of small objects and high-precision position detection. The same time as

Can achieve non-contact detection

It is possible to realize the detection without the need for mechanical contact detection of the object, so that the object and the sensor are not damaged. Therefore,Photoelectric Switch the sensor can be used for a long time. The same time as

Can achieve color discrimination

The reflectance and the absorption rate of the light formed by the detection object are different depending on the wavelength of the light to be cast and the color of the object to be detected. With this property, the color of the detected object can be detected.

Easy to adjust

In the type of visible light, the cast light beam is visible to the eye,Photoelectric Switch the photoelectric correction system can adjust the position of the object to be adjusted