Passenger Elevator Safety At Least Once A Year A Security Check

For the residents who live in high-rise, passenger elevators have become an indispensable part of their daily lives. Whether it is home or out, all residents have to go through it. Therefore, the passenger Elevator Safety is a primary concern.
Community passenger elevators required annual inspection
Community passenger elevator maintenance problems, residential elevator passenger lifts must be equipped with a professional maintenance personnel, and must be carried out safety inspection once a year. Inspection of the elevator by elevator companies in the property through formal introspect, if found qualified, and then submitted to the relevant authorities for inspection.
Passenger elevator if the self-test failed, you need professional repair the elevator maintenance company, if maintenance has been completed, post also qualified, in order to report to relevant departments.
According to the State Council promulgated the regulations on safety supervision over special equipment order 31st, daily maintenance of the elevator must obtain this Ordinance permits the installation, alteration, maintenance, or elevator manufacturing units. Elevator shall, at least once every 15th cleaning, lubrication, adjustments and checks. Elevator, passenger ropeway, and large pleasure facilities providing services to the public the operation of special equipment unit, you should set up safety management of special equipment or a full-time security managers.