Mechanical Lock Lock More Beautiful And Durable

In recent years, although the smart electronic lock seems to show more prominent, rapid development, but the mechanical lock is still the mainstream of the current lock. Mechanical lock is a kind of electronic devices without a large amount of high reliability and reliable mechanical lock, is now the most contact with the lock.

Look at materials and keys

        Choose to use the mute fine all the copper lock. The most widely used, good mechanical properties, corrosion resistance and processing performance are good, bright color, Mechanical Lock smooth surface, good density, no pores, trachoma. From the key shape, "pit" -shaped key than the "teeth" -like key safety is higher; key tooth flower more, the greater the difference, the lock the mutual open rate is lower.

See function and packaging

Check whether the product is reliable and flexible. Must use all the keys inside, the external lock head test switch. Should also check the insurance situation of the product,Mechanical Lock it is recommended that each lock at least three times more. (Including the product implementation standards, grade, production company name, address, date of production) packaging is solid, the contents of the manual and the product is consistent with the product.

Look at the handling of the surface

This step is actually a double test of the quality and aesthetics of the lock. Surface treatment can be divided into electroplating, spraying and coloring three, the lock through the surface treatment in the product surface to form a layer of dense protective film, play a role in anti-corrosion and rust,Mechanical Lock so that the lock more beautiful and durable.

Now there are many types of doors, there are metal doors for outdoor use, and indoor common wooden doors, we may be worried that the wooden doors will not hold fingerprint lock, in fact, this worry is redundant, only saw a small pry lock, no see Have smashed the door ah! Fingerprint lock can be installed in wooden doors, iron doors, copper doors, composite doors and security doors, except glass doors. Of course,Mechanical Lock you really do not worry can change a security door, properly drops.

Strictly speaking, is to install two locks, a real lock, a fake lock. This is to facilitate the opening of the door, at the same time to achieve visual beauty, symmetry,Mechanical Lock will be installed on another door a fake lock, (fake lock refers to the same brand, the same model of the lock, in order to install in the double door, The weight of the door will be more important than the wooden door, in order to facilitate the door, before the lock to buy the lock Try to choose a fingerprint lock with a large handle.