Mechanical Lock Higher Anti-theft Performance, More Convenient Mode Of Operation

Home is the harbor of love, is the starting point and the end of a day trip, is every day we are busy to maintain the treasures of the busy. We had a house to habitually wear a mask in order to adapt to the community, into the house will be removed from the body of the armed. Home is a safe haven pond.

However, the repeated cases of burglary in the community with cold words to remind us: home, and you do not think so safe. Home security is placed in front of us very real problem.

For home security, security door is a good or bad choice is never cold field topic. The key to anti-theft door security lies in the above lock. Currently on the market using anti-theft door locks for the two categories, mechanical locks and smart locks. What is the status of these two types of locks?

Mechanical lock safety more and more can not meet the needs of the people

The lock industry has always been a wide range of products. As a practical tool for security and security, mechanical locks must be technically continually improved and constantly updated to combat unlocking tools and other technical open methods. Although the existing mechanical anti-theft lock, although a wide range of different structure, the internal structure of the cylinder is more and more complex, but the vast majority of mechanical lock technology is no essential difference between the different components of the lock between the low capacity , Can not achieve the effect of preventing technical unlocking.

Ordinary mechanical lock anti-theft function is limited to a relative range. This kind of commonality is not enough to prevent many kinds of "technical open method", such as "tin paper unlock", "insert unlock", "chewing gum unlock", "soap unlock" and so on widely circulated in the folk, any qualified mechanical lock You can use the anti-lock tool for "illegal" technical open, as long as the "illegal" to open the time used within the specified range is qualified products.

Over the years, the lock manufacturing industry R & D personnel only in the shape of the structure of the lock core to make a fuss, in the operating methods are similar, not completely from the technical point of view, the use of reverse thinking to develop the constraints between the lock components Principle, resulting in the use of anti-lock tool for technical open or simple and destructive to open more easily results. The security of the existing mechanical anti-theft lock more and more can not meet the needs of the people.

At the same time, with the social, technological and cultural progress, the general public awareness of the strengthening of security, the community on the higher anti-theft performance, more convenient mode of operation of the demand for locks gradually. Smart lock came into being.

Smart locks in recent years, the new domestic door locks, in fact, in South Korea and some developed countries have been widely used in the family of electronic locks, according to statistics Japan and South Korea electronic locks occupy more than 70% of the civilian lock market, Europe and the United States electronic lock occupied Civil lock 50% of the market.

What are the advantages of smart locks relative to mechanical locks?

One, intelligent

Mass storage of fingerprint and password information. The initial user can increase or delete the user information, when the user needs to increase entry for more people permission, only the other side of the fingerprint or password information can be entered into the system. Now many fingerprint lock also has intelligent derivative security function. Lock body by external violence damage, immediately issued a warning sound, direct linkage alarm.

Second, security

Door lock is more secure. Unlike a mechanical lock, the smart lock needs to use the fingerprint or password to open the door, his collection part of the door, while the control part of the inside, so do not worry about being a thief's malicious damage. Fingerprint lock is a biometric technology, is the use of the human body a physiological or behavioral characteristics to identify the identity, with a unique.

Third, convenience

For young people who love fashion technology, smart locks greatly enhance their experience for smart home life, become the future of intelligent home to open the first port.

With the development trend of intelligent life, the future trend of smart home will be high-profile, can not be blocked, and as the new darling of smart home - the future development of smart locks will be promising.

At present, the vast majority of domestic families still stay in the level of mechanical locks, but more and more people began to focus on the smart lock, its convenience, the superiority of security so that consumers love the heart, on the other hand, The arrival of smart home for the popularity of smart locks provides an opportunity.