Limit Switch Widely Used In Various Types Of Machine Tools And Lifting Machinery

We often travel by plane, at the airport to the aircraft cabin, often need to go through the apron on the mobile bridge, the bridge is also known as the boarding bridge. Its main function is to provide passengers with all-weather up and down the aircraft service, so that passengers from the adverse weather effects, but also to avoid the passengers through the station and affect the airport operations. Today, Xiaobian to come to you for a brief introduction to the common mechanical Limit Switch in the airport boarding bridge system applications.

Limit Switch: can be installed in the relatively stationary objects (such as fixed frame, door frame, etc., referred to as still life) or moving objects (such as traffic, doors, etc.) on. When the object is close to still life, the contact of the switch's drive switch causes the closed contact to break or break the contact closed. By the switch contact opening and closing state changes to control the circuit and the action of the body. Limit Switch can also be divided into rotary Limit Switch and straight Limit Switch.

Limit Switch, also known as stroke Limit Switch, used to control the travel of machinery and equipment and limit protection. In the actual production, the stroke Limit Switch is installed in the pre-arranged position. When the module mounted on the machine moving parts strikes the stroke switch, the contact action of the stroke Limit Switch is realized to realize the switching of the circuit. Therefore, the Limit Switch is a moving parts according to the movement of the location of the switch circuit of electrical appliances, and its role is similar to the principle of the button. Limit Switches are widely used in various types of machine tools and lifting machinery, to control its travel, the terminal limit protection. In the elevator control circuit, but also the use of travel Limit Switch to control the speed of the car door, the door automatically switch the door, the car on the lower limit protection.

First of all, we must know that the airport boarding bridge is composed of multiple institutions of complex mobile control system, including the rotating platform, lifting agencies, walking agencies, access, pick up the mouth and so on.

Such as lifting and walking detection control system, is the boarding bridge to achieve rotation, stretching and lifting movement of the drive mechanism. The system in the left and right vertical drive, respectively, driven by the screw and the rotation of the wheel, the wheel of the steering movement, drive the channel will be sent to the desired location.

The mechanism of the synchronization device, mainly by the group of Limit Switches and cams. If there are four Limit Switches, usually in the top of the column at the top, the installation of two Limit Switches and a cam.

When the cam rotates the Limit Switch with the screw, it counts and compares the left and right altimeter differences. When there is a need to adjust the synchronization, then control the motor lift motor start-up time, so that the gradual elimination of the two column count difference, to achieve synchronization. If the count difference reaches a certain limit, the boarding bridge will stop lifting and alarming.

In addition, in the other parts of the boarding bridge or system control detection, often use the mechanical Limit Switch to detect the signal. For example, a limit controller consisting of a Limit Switch is also provided at both ends and in the middle of the pick-up platform. In the boarding side of the wing, usually also set up a position sensor, in the machine operation alarm, to prevent the operator negligence or misuse.

In order to ensure the normal operation of the airport, the airport will send maintenance personnel to check and debug the key positions such as boarding Limit Switches, frequency converters and hydraulic systems to ensure the safe operation of the boarding bridge.