Limit Switch Security Function

Limit switch

Can be installed in relatively static objects (such as fixed frame, door frame, etc., referred to as still life) or moving objects (such as traffic, doors, etc.) on. When the object is close to still life, the contact of the switch's drive switch causes the closed contact to break or break the contact closed. By the switch contact opening and closing state changes to control the operation of the circuit and the mechanism. Limit switch can also be divided into rotary limit switch and straight limit switch.

The limit switch, also known as the trip switch, is mounted on a relatively stationary object or moving object, when the animal close to still life, the switch connecting rod drive switch contacts caused by closed contact break or broken contact closure.

Limit switch is one of the indispensable accessories, customers in the use of engraving machine equipment between the more carefully check the performance of the limit switch, in order to avoid failure, fail to limit the role. The limit of the performance of the limit switch also protects the CNC engraving machine equipment suffered damage caused by the damage.

Electronic tensile testing machine, also known as the tensile machine, is mainly used for metal materials and non-metallic materials for stretching, compression, bending and other mechanical properties of the test machinery. Its structural principle is the use of mechanical and electrical integration of the design, by the force sensor, transmitter, microprocessor, load drive mechanism, limit switch, computer and color inkjet printer and other components. Today, Xiaobian will limit switch on the tensile testing machine on the application, to introduce the use of attention to some of the problems.

In the tensile testing machine of the main cylinder and hydraulic chuck sector, are equipped with protective relief valve and limit switch. Among them, the limit switch device includes the upper and lower limit switches, Rally is responsible for the safety protection. The function is roughly reflected in the fact that the two limit switches can be used to avoid malfunction of the tensioning machine, causing damage to the load cell on the device.

Before the test, you must check whether the safety limit switch of the Rally is active. For electronic material testing machine, the upper limit of the load should be set before the test to avoid overload damage caused by the load cell.

It should be noted that, before the Rally power on, the operator must check the limit switch to see if it is solid, whether fastening. The upper and lower limit switches must be adjusted to the appropriate position and fastened. Among them, the limit switch positioning, generally to install the fixture, so that the fixture does not collide as a basic principle. Otherwise, will hit the sensor or fixture, resulting in paralyzed test machine, can not work properly.

In addition, when the tensile testing machine is raised or lowered, the operator is particularly careful to control the space and the running speed of the upper and lower jigs. Otherwise it will cause the fixture or force sensor to damage the consequences. In addition, in order to prevent the accuracy of the sensor sensor deviation is too large, the operator should not let some hard objects hit the load cell.