Limit Switch Flexible And Reliable

The limit switch, also known as stroke switch, position switch, is a kind of common small current main electric appliance. By using the collision of the mechanical moving parts, the contact action is realized and the control circuit is connected or broken.

The limit switch is mainly composed of three parts, the actuator, the contact system and the shell. In practical application, the limit switch is usually installed in the predetermined position, when the mechanical bump or moving parts hit the limit switch, the internal contact action of the switch is realized and the circuit is switched. Therefore, the limit switch is mostly classified by the appearance of the actuator, and the common shape, structure and symbol

Limit switch selection, the main consideration of action requirements, installation location and the number of contacts, the specific as follows:

(1) Select the type of limit switch according to the use situation and control object.

(2) Select the form of protection according to the installation environment.

(3) Select series according to the rated voltage and rated current of the control loop.

(4) Choose a reasonable actuator form according to the relation between the transfer force and displacement of the limit switch.

The limit switch is the electrical switch used to limit the position of the motion of the mechanical equipment. On the moving parts of the mechanical equipment, install the stroke switch, install the block of the limit position on the fixed point of relative motion, or the opposite installation position. When the mechanical contact of the stroke switch meets the block, the control circuit is cut off (or changed) and the machine stops running or changes operation. Due to the inertial motion of the machine, the trip switch has a certain "super stroke" to protect the switch from damage.

The role of limit switch should be flexible and reliable. When the car reaches the upper and lower end station, should be able to not borrow the role of the control device, automatically stop the car, the elevator should not be able to start in the original direction, only to the opposite direction.

Can be installed on relatively stationary objects (such as fixed frame, door frame, etc.) or moving objects (such as traffic, doors, etc.). When the object is close to still life, the contact of the connecting rod drive switch causes the closed contact to break or disconnect the contact. The action of the circuit and the mechanism is controlled by changing the opening and closing state of the switch contact. The limit switch can also be divided into the rotary limit switch and the straight-line limit switch.