Inspection Box The Method Is Simple To Operate

Inspection Box Corrugated board semi-finished materials through slotting, pressure line, die-cutting process, such as first made of corrugated box box billet, and then through the junction of the box to form a finished carton, this time can be built to the product.

If the box bonding strength is poor, carton in the loading and unloading, stacking and transportation process will appear in the carton interface cracking phenomenon, which will adjust the production process to increase the bonding strength of the box; if the box bonding strength is relatively strong, The problem will appear away from the junction. Therefore, the strength of the box is also an important factor affecting the strength of the carton, carton design must take into account the strength of the carton,Inspection Box  according to the actual situation to choose the appropriate way to join. The combination of the general box consists of three ways: adhesive bonding, tape bonding and box junction bonding. Abroad, adhesive bonding and tape bonding is mainly used for single corrugated cardboard, box set mainly used for double corrugated cardboard and three corrugated cardboard;Inspection Box  domestic adhesive bonding and box set in the most commonly used in the country.

Adhesive bonding has a high strength, suitable for automated mass production, does not affect the printing, will not produce scraping phenomenon, is one of the most economical way of bonding.

But its biggest drawback is that the adhesive is susceptible to temperature and humidity.

Adhesive tape bonding method of bonding strength from the corrugated cardboard strength of the mouth to the carton joint parts without damage. Moreover,Inspection Box  the adhesive tape bonding method does not need to overlap the tongue structure, than the adhesive bonding and stapling the appearance of the carton neatly, and save cardboard material, easy to ensure the internal dimensions of the carton, easy to fill the goods.

But the bonding process of the tape strength requirements, will have an additional cost, so the current use of this method less.

Box set

Box connection is not affected by environmental factors, the nailing method is simple, low cost of equipment. Is a more commonly used carton joint way, but not the best way. Staple carton nail wire exposed to the interface, the appearance of poor, easy to scratch the inside of the material, nail carton interface side is only part of the nail wire lap, the intensity is not high and poor sealing,Inspection Box  if the box without treatment, after damp Easy to rust, affecting the structural strength of the carton.

Inspection Box In addition, from the environmental point of view, box set is not conducive to recycling, but also by the United States and other EU countries export restrictions.

At present, China's corrugated box in the method of bonding less standard, only in GB / T 6543-2008 "transport packaging with single corrugated boxes and double corrugated boxes" standard in the joint method and testing standards have been described:

(1) cardboard can be used to join the line or adhesive, etc..

(2) corrugated box nail lap to the width of the tongue, the top line spacing, stapling angle, tail and tail requirements.

A) the width of the tongue: single corrugated box for 30mm or more, two corrugated boxes for 35mm or more.

B) nail line spacing: single nail is not greater than 80mm, double nail is not greater than 110mm.

C) stapling angle: along the middle of the lap part of the nail, the use of oblique nails (with the carton side of about 45 °) or horizontal nails, box should be arranged neatly, uniform.

D) Head and tail: the distance between the tail and the bottom of the indentation center is 13mm ± 7mm. Stapling seams should be nailed, nail through, no stack nails, twist nails, no rotation and other defects.

(3) Corrugated box joints Adhesive lap tongue width of not less than 30mm, adhesive joints should be uniform and uniform, no excess adhesive overflow phenomenon. Adhesive should be firm, at least 70% of the adhesive surface is stripped.

The actual problems encountered in the detection process

However, in the actual production process, according to GB / T 6543-2008 standard box junction detection is easier, and the test results and the actual use of the quality effect is not much difference. But for the adhesive bonding joints, only in accordance with the standard detection of the width of the tongue and peeling when the proportion of adhesive surface damage to assess the quality of the box is good or bad, often the test results are qualified, but the use of the process will appear joint burst Happening.

The Method of Detecting Domestic Bonding Strength

According to the situation at home and abroad, summed up the following methods can be:

A) Tensile testing machine test method

B) compression test machine test method

C) Practicality test in circulation

D) drop test method

Among them, the practicality of the test method and drop test method has a certain practicality, but only qualitative analysis, can not determine its strength value. If you need to determine the specific strength data will use the tensile and compression test method. This is also the domestic users to use more of the test method. The samples were tested on a pressure tester and a tensile tester,Inspection Box  respectively, by constant temperature and humidity treatment. Test

At present, the method of measuring the strength of the joint strength of the box has no ISO international standard, there are two main ways: the compression test machine test method and the tensile testing machine test method. Compressive test method using ASTM D642,Inspection Box  tensile testing machine using standard TAPPI T813, where the emphasis on the test of low tensile testing machine.

The method of the standard using constant speed stretching method to detect the box bonding strength, suitable for adhesive bonding, tape bonding and box junctions.

The sample corrugated box should be placed in a standard atmospheric environment at a temperature of 23 ° C and a relative humidity of 50% for 24 hours. And then take five intact corrugated boxes, each corrugated box to take a test sample. The sampling position is shown in Figure 6. Take five test samples, each sample length of at least 200mm, the length direction to include the joint site, the joint is best in the middle of the length of the general adhesive bonding and tape bonding sampling width of 25mm,Inspection Box  box set will have to join 1 nails, nails from the edge of the sample at least 6mm.

(180 ± 5) mm, the test speed is (25 ± 5) mm / min, the time of fracture of the specimen is 15 ~ 30 (mm), and the distance between the two chucks is Seconds to complete. Record the maximum force value of each sample fracture, and then divided by the width of the sample is the bonding strength of the box to kN / m said. If you exceed 30 seconds, change the test speed so that it can break within 30 seconds and indicate in the report.