Governor Switch To Achieve Energy Efficiency, Improve Work Efficiency

Fan coil

As the central air-conditioning terminal device, but also to the shops to provide cold or hot air heat exchange equipment. The working method is through the fan to the indoor air inhalation for heat exchange, while the cooling or after the air through the air duct from the outlet to complete the cooling or heating work.

Governor Switch:

The operation of the fan coil is controlled by the speed control switch in the shop.

The following figure, at this time the air conditioning is off, the speed switch knob is located in the "OFF file"

When the knob goes to "HI" or "ME" or "LO", the air conditioner starts to work.


The speed is proportional to the frequency

Able to continuously speed

Easy to operate, low noise

Speed range, high speed accuracy

High efficiency, high power factor (measures taken)

Can control start, run, stop (lock output, linear brake or soft stop)

High reliability, easy maintenance

Starting current and running current is small, overload capacity

The second part of the frequency control system of the composition, characteristics

What is the frequency converter

Definition: The frequency of alternating current (or DC) into voltage and frequency of alternating current electrical equipment known as the inverter. The main purpose of the inverter is to use the AC motor speed control.

Inverter application: through the motor speed control, to achieve energy saving, improve work efficiency, to achieve automatic control and other purposes. In the steel, oil, petrochemical, chemical fiber, machinery, electricity, electronics, building materials, coal, medicine, paper, injection,Governor Switch cigarette, crane, urban water supply, central air conditioning and sewage treatment industries are widely used. Now we can use the inverter where the inverter is used.

The relationship between frequency converter and motor

The use of pulse width modulation (PWM) way to achieve dimming / speed control, which has the advantage of power supply power, can be fully utilized, the circuit of high efficiency. For example, when the output is 50% square wave, the pulse width modulation (PWM) circuit output energy is also 50%, that is, almost all of the energy are converted to the load. And the use of common resistance step-down speed, the load to get the maximum power of 50% of the power, the power supply must provide more than 71% of the output power,Governor Switch which 21% of the resistance in the resistance of the pressure drop and heat consumption. Large part of the energy in the resistance was consumed, and the rest is the output of energy, conversion efficiency is very low. In addition HW-A-1040 speed because of its use of switching mode heat consumption is almost no, HW-A-1040 speed at low speed torque is very large, because the governor with automatic tracking PWM, the other use pulse width modulation (PWM) mode,Governor Switch can make the load at work almost full power supply voltage, which is conducive to overcome the motor's internal coil resistance and make the motor to produce greater torque.