Fiber Laser Cutting Into The Market To Promote The Technological Breakthrough

Elevator is in line with the pace of technology products, is indispensable to modern society and daily life are a convenient tool, Elevator has become a symbol of material progress.

In industries such as real estate, urban public works, led by 20% annualized increase elevator market in China, as the world's largest new market. In addition, with the new fiber laser cutting machines in sheet metal processing industry growing popularity, laser cutting technology to enter the market, improve the degree of automation, intelligent elevator industry, Elevator manufacturing technology breakthrough.

Traditional elevator manufacturing and laser laser technology what is the difference? Fiber laser cutting is about how elevator market?

1, the traditional processing methods

OEM in the past are basically multi-station punching sheet metal, including turning, milling, planing, drilling, milling, processing, they rely mainly on mechanical forces with a hard tool to complete the extra metal layers of peeling process. Program complex, flexible type of workpiece, consume large amounts of manpower, material and financial resources.

2, CO2 laser processing method

CO2 laser cutting machine is the elevator industry started using laser processing equipment. Use light, non-mechanical, chemical and other material to complete the stripping process, can be implemented with low hardness of materials of high hardness materials processing. Compared with the traditional mode of processing laser processing with no contact, ease of processing, safety, environmental protection and other unique advantages.

3, fiber laser cutting machine occupied elevator market

Elevator is basically dominated by 3mm stainless steel, using CO2 laser cutting machining high power consumption, gas consumption is bigger. CO2 laser cutting machine because of its high cost, complicated debugging and other shortcomings, has failed to keep pace with the elevator industry. New fiber laser cutting machine with blazing fast, ultra low running cost, cutting high reflective materials such as copper, aluminum, and no external Ray marked advantages gradually replace CO2 laser cutting machine, Elevator manufacturing industry has become the preferred tool.

Han's Guangdong Ming as laser industry of pillar, for meet elevator market of large metal plate processing needs, Han's Guangdong Ming with its mature of laser development technology and experience, has development out variety meet elevator processing of fiber laser cutting machine, like group its of CMA2040C-GH-A sharply surface full protection high-speed fiber laser cutting machine, can in fast cutting elevator sheet metal gold accessories of while, ensure its broken function features:

1, high rigidity in the heavy duty machine tool can reduce the cutting process of sheet metal, caused by the vibration;

2, gantry dual drive structure, Germany imported pinion transmission system, improve the efficiency of production of sheet metal processing;

3, high performance cast aluminum beams by finite element analysis for high speed arc cutting;

4, closed-loop control system of laser cutting, with perforation and high-speed automatic edge functions to ensure precise cutting of sheet metal.

Applicable materials:

Carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy, titanium alloy, galvanized steel, brass, copper and other metals.