Escalator Maintenance Content And Requirements

According to the China Elevator Association professional Committee of maintenance 1995 work, fast maintenance center in Shanghai, according to the information provided by some companies, prepared the contents and requirements of the escalator maintenance, have been issued to units at a 95, introduced this discussion for reference.
1 for escalator operation
Technical specification: ① to party managers, maintenance staff and the escalator driver, asks whether the cycle of escalator operation and fault conditions; II check out escalator emergency repair book.
Test standard: ① inspection of escalator malfunction and repair records; II access to maintenance records and work visa.

2 establishment of necessary maintenance measures
Technology procedures: ① maintenance maintenance Qian, must first set security railing and "escalator is maintenance ban using" of brand (upper and lower the a); II maintenance maintenance in the necessary Shi can cut power total switch, and in switch Shang hanging Shang is maintenance, ban closing of brand; ③ if maintenance of cascade has from escalator Shang split Xia, only allows with "maintenance box" to maintenance speed operation escalator points moving, Cascade Shang no station people; II maintenance maintenance end, must check escalator within shall not legacy any debris and tool.
Test standard: ① asked the railing and barriers can stand out and effectively prevented people from entering the site; II ensure that escalator maintenance just starting c ti road, especially when someone in the, you can cut off the main power switch, if necessary, can be locked.

3 priority emergency
Technical specification: If a stopped escalator due to fault when troubleshooting.

4 ladder system maintenance
Technical specification: ① removed 3 repair steps second observation cascade rail c check the cascade chain and tension about checking steps; II see cascade sink protector; f check clearance between stepped sides and blocking-wheel.
Test standard: ① runs smoothly, no abnormal noise; II step comb-plate alignment, comb-tooth meshing ladder groove depth up to standard c check whether the pole distance meet standards about preventive rounds with cascade distance distance shall be adjusted to the provisions of the two sides.

5 arm-system maintenance
Technology procedures: ① check handrails with of access mouth; II check handrails with of run speed whether and cascade synchronization; ③ check handrails with of surface and inside has no obviously scars and friction signs; II handrails with of Zhang tight degrees; ⑤ check handrails with steering end; ⑥ check handrails pulley group and the supporting roll; sadly check handrails with friction round; ⑧ handrails with exterior of clean work.
Test standard: ① observation handrails with Shang, and Xia run Shi, whether in nursing mouth Middle; II run speed and cascade run of poor whether meet this enterprise standard; ③ check handrails with no wire exposed and scars source, and excluded of; II handrails with of Zhang tight degrees whether meet this enterprise standard, not meet can adjustment; ⑤ pulley group and supporting roll must running freely, and smooth, and no noise. Friction wheel wear.

6 check the safety protection device
Technology procedures: ① handrails with broken with security switch; II skirt Board security switch; ③ cascade settlement protection switch; II cascade chain broken chain switch; ⑤ speed protection switch; ⑥ handrails with entrance protection switch; sadly comb tooth Board security switch; ⑧ main drive chain broken chain protection switch; Krispy Kreme non-operation reversed protection switch; ⑩ cascade Shang jumped switch; ⑾ broken wrong phase protection device; ⑿ hot overload protection device.
Test standard: ① each safety switches must be performance *, sensitive and easily switch; second, the distance between switch and stop this product requirements.

7 maintenance to adjust transmission parts
Technical specification: ① reducer running checks; II brake maintenance, adjusting the brake springs to ensure that braking torque c sprockets check about main drive chain checking; II handrail drive chain maintenance.
Test standard: ① reducer is stable; II if there is abnormal noise ③ examination of brake shoe wear of brakes about drive sprocket and driven wheel wear; II initiative to drive chain tension; ⑥ latches are complete, there is no loss; sadly handrail drive chain tensioning are compliant with corporate standards.

8 panelling, cover, apron cleaning (some units are the first party take care of themselves)
Technical specification: ① handrail bracket clean and pollution-free second baseboard clean bright, wipe clean with a dry cloth after the detergent spray c, cover seams flat, no gap about skirting.
Test standard: ① no garbage, no grease, no dust; second, the upper and lower end security tag intact c no significant steps at the seams of the cover plate.

9 check the controlled lighting systems
① key switch II emergency stop switch c convenience receptacles and check box about lighting controls; II maintenance lighting ⑥ handrail cascade gap lighting and lighting.
Test standard: ① direction and operation of the key switch in the same direction; second, the emergency stop switch is in effect ③ maintenance switch must be used with the key switch interlock about lamp, lamp housings without damage.

Cleansing of 10 ladder road
Technical specification: ① 3 repair of torn cascade gaps, Rails clean; II cotton wipe main Rails, such as garbage or hard scale with a spatula spatula.
Test standard: ① cascade main wheels on the rail tracks without noise, no beating second rail clean and grease-free.

11 step cleaning and overall check
Technical specification: ① cascade pedal and Circular plate of grease, dust-free second cascade the scallop intact c cascade slide thickness in accordance with standards about cascade under full, non-destructive, smooth operation.
Test standard: ① steps must be in good condition, clean and pollution-free second cascade of main and auxiliary wheel diameter and bearing must comply with corporate standards, noise-free c cascade slider wears standard.

12 upper and lower engine room cleaning
Technical specification: ① the upper and lower engine room shall be placed independent of the escalator article; II all machines, control cabinet clean and free of dirt, water, product oil, dust-free c lines clear, securely, without friction and operating, rotating parts.
Test standard: ① rooms, top, and bottom cover plate, front plate grooves are clean and grease-free second line, no line, off line, peeling.

13 oil supplement and replacement
Technical specification: ① gearbox oil level checking second refueling equipment inspection ③ step chain, drive chains, arm-driven chain lubricant to add about cascade slide block lubrication with skirting; II all parts of the movement, activity, easily rust grease.
Test standard: ① requirements by added of lubricants label accurate, and oil excellent, and oil volume right; II motor, and deceleration box running no noise, and no exception fever; ③ all drive chain of pin axis and ball parts are keep has appropriate lubricants; II cascade sliding block and apron Board no friction noise, has butter lubrication; ⑤ turned, and activities parts as brake arm, and PIN axis, and screws parts are no rust, and dry deficiency oil phenomenon.

14 end finishing work
Technical specification: ① loaded 3 overhaul cascaded second commissioning c cover the upper and the lower front cover about complete maintenance records and escalator maintenance periodic table; II Party units, and the signing formalities.
Test standard: ① deliver complete, clean, fully functioning escalators II forms are filled in, have signed maintenance man, accepting person, receive and correct.
Attachment: ① escalators must have specialized training by qualified professional maintenance.
② maintenance cycle is generally 1-2 week (according to the actual situation may be). ③ maintenance includes: a. wipe machine parts, electrical components; b. check all electrical components work; c. all lubricated components refuelling requirements.
Black-medium maintenance: six months to 1 year, maintenance cleaning replacement parts.
⑤ large-scale maintenance: normally last for 3 years at a time.Content for all of the major maintenance and repair parts cleaning adjustment and replacement of damaged parts.