Elevators Break Down Four Questions

Now high-rise buildings everywhere, the elevator fault is surprised that followed, trapped elevator from time to time, small series summarizes today "four questions in elevator fault", hoping to help senior household members in the friends!
1, elevator failures will fall down? Firefighters said that normal use of the elevator not normally fall is usually on the bottom safety catching device in the lift, the lift will not fall. Power failure, the safety device will not fail, so will not slip out of the elevator lift. Grilled doors, forced in a run in the elevator jump, overloading is the lift is out of the 3 major causes of accidents. In fact, expert test-force BA, hop in the elevator does not directly cause the elevator down, but will let the normal operation of the elevator suddenly to take urgent measures, emergency stop caused the doors to be locked cannot open and elevator plunge caused by overweight manned and cargo is the direct cause.
2, was trapped inside the elevator will suffocate you? In a narrow elevator, once trapped for a long time, many passengers are worried that will lead to suffocation. Firefighters said that currently used in the lift must meet ventilation requirements will not be on the market, any lift vents, not sealed. In addition, even though elevator outage, ventilation equipment also have standby power. Elevators also has many moving parts, positions for some, such as elevator and elevator connections are at the top of the wall there are gaps, hopefully enough people need to breathe.
3, trapped elevator passengers forced open the door, please? Firefighters also remind you that the lift without falling does not mean there is no danger, if passengers attempt to pull open the elevator door, leads not only to lift non-natural power, more will increase the lift cables, brakes and other non-normal wear and tear, effects devices such as brake emergency brake effect when fall hazard exists. In fact, lead to lift the root cause of falling, is the friction loss or damaged for a long time, so the elevator maintenance is required once every 15 days on average, when we take the elevator, should also care about taking the tool-time testing, if there is a safety factor.
4, trapped elevator how to do safe? "Keep calm and just to the right for help, get help and rescue as soon as possible. "Firefighters said elevators have emergency telephone or intercom system, you can promptly get in touch with the outside world, and press alarm on alarm. Most elevators are covered by mobile phone signal, trapped people can call on the security inspection signs of "elevator maintenance phone" or "urgent calls" elevator maintenance personnel for help from a professional, or you can call 119 or 110 call, firefighters or the police for help. In addition, you can also use hand to knock on the door, "boom boom, Boom Boom" pound sent a distress signal.