Elevator Switch To Ensure Safe Operation

Today, the elevator in the upper and lower operation of a variety of security devices, their role and use are different. The main function of the end station deceleration control switch system:

(1) is the elevator in the fast train to run when the car into the section, by the car hit the bow hit the slowdown switch, cut off the high speed, access to low speed operation, to promote the elevator, the lower station accurate leveling.

(2) when the elevator is running abnormally, to avoid the occurrence of sink or rush events,Elevator Switch to ensure the safe use of the elevator. The height and number of the position of the speed reduction switch are generally determined by the speed of the elevator, and the low speed elevator with the speed of v ≤ 1m / s is generally equipped with an upward forced deceleration limit and a downward forced deceleration limit.

The installation position should be equal to (or slightly less) than the deceleration distance of the elevator. V ≥ 1.5 m / s speed of the fast, high-speed elevators, generally equipped with two upward forced deceleration limit and two down forced deceleration limit. Because fast, high-speed elevators are generally divided into single-layer running speed and multi-layer running speed of two,Elevator Switch at different speeds to run the deceleration distance is not the same, so to multi-layer operation to reduce the speed limit and single-stage operation to reduce the speed limit.

Although the elevator, the lower end of the slowdown switch system principle seems more general, but in the actual maintenance work, often more difficult to detect after the failure, the fault point is not easy to identify, affecting the quality of service,Elevator Switch affecting the owners living and work. The following case is presented in different types of elevator terminal control system troubleshooting analysis, there is a certain degree of typical, here for peer consultation, promotion, reference.

Speed switch is also called the end of the road station switch, the upper and lower station signal for the elevator forcible speed and floor position correction signal, ladder speed ≤ 1.75m / s, the elevator station needs upper and lower end of a switch, one end Station bridge board, in which the upper and lower station switch installed in the shaft,Elevator Switch the end of the bridge board installed in the car roof. The upper and lower end of the switch should be installed in the car ground from the top (bottom) layer hall door to the door 2.5m (ladder speed ≤ 1.75m / s) when the switch action position. Elevation speed ≥2.0m / s ultra-high-speed elevator should increase the number of end stations in order to implement safer protection measures. End switch recommended non-contact sensor switch,Elevator Switch such as magnetic induction switch. Forced speed in the normal operation of the elevator when the general does not work, and only when the elevator does not work when the speed, forced speed to make the elevator down

To ensure that the elevator can run safely, there are many safety components on the elevator. Only the safety parts are in normal circumstances, the elevator can run, or the elevator immediately stop running.

The so-called safety circuit, that is,Elevator Switch in the elevator safety components are equipped with a safety switch, all the safety switch in series, control a safety relay. Only all the safety switch is connected to the case, the safety relay pull, the elevator can get power to run.

When the elevator is in a stopped state, all signals can not be registered, the express train can not run, first suspected to be a safe circuit failure. Should be to the room control panel to observe the status of safety relays. If the safety relay is in the released state, it should be judged as a safety circuit failure.