Elevator Switch Reliability And Safety Have Been Greatly Improved

The mechanical part of the Elevator Switch consists of a car door, a floor door and an open door mechanism. It is one of the important safety facilities of the elevator equipment. The car door, the floor gate and the door opening mechanism are the parts in which the elevator is the first contact Appearance and switch the door effect will give the crew a deep imprint. Therefore, the relevant parties attach great importance to the door system manufacturing, installation, maintenance and quality management and management, but the elevator car door. The door and its door-to-door system has always been the location of personal injury accidents, even though the personal injury accidents have occurred, most of them are related to the lack of safety knowledge and the improper management of passengers when passengers take passengers. So to improve the installation and maintenance of the door system maintenance and management quality is still a long-term task. As the car door and the door of the high frequency of switching, the impact of large-scale objective factors, often can not be required to close the door closed, resulting in the elevator can not run more often, so the elevator car door and floor door "ghost door" The In recent years, with the people on the elevator car door,Elevator Switch  floor doors and switch door system attention, with the AC motor VVVF and permanent magnet synchronous motor VVVF drag, no connecting rod synchronous belt drive door system successively developed, The system reliability and safety has been greatly improved, the failure rate is greatly reduced. The following is the car door of the elevator. Floor doors and door opening agencies to be a brief introduction.

Safety board Anti-collision device is a mechanical safety protection device. The device is installed on the outside of the car door, (back, the same below), in the sub-door and next door can be installed this device. This device has a strip of safety touch panel and a set of transmission mechanism and a trip switch, the door of the two doors and doors next door to install a set of doors. The safety of the device is about 1600mm long, about 50mm wide and about 20mm thick. It is made of cold drawn aluminum material. The safety plate is installed in order to protect the safety trailer. , The safety of the touch panel of the collision surface processed into a circular arc. When the car door is fully open, the safety touch panel is aligned with the car door end, but in the process of closing the strip,Elevator Switch  the safety plate starts to extend a certain distance (about 35mm) in the closing direction. When the occupant presses against the extended strip When the safety control panel, the transmission mechanism to install the car door in the back of the stroke switch action, and to the elevator electrical control system to send an electrical signal, the electrical control system to receive the telecommunications signal immediately after the control of the elevator to stop and immediately open the door The According to the relevant standards, safety impact plate of the impact force should not be greater than 5N.

Photoelectric anti-collision device is a non-contact anti-collision device, the separation of the door and the next door can be installed. For the middle of the door of the photoelectric anti-collision device, respectively, installed in the two car door (back) outside the end of the surface, from the ground 0.6m and 1.3m or so horizontal position, in which a door inside the outer end of the installation of a And the outer end of the other door is provided with a light source receiving end. When the light beam is blocked into the object,Elevator Switch  the phototransistor at the receiving end of the light source is turned off due to the loss of the beam and the elevator stops and closes the door immediately The

To ensure that the elevator can run safely, there are many safety components on the elevator. Only the safety parts are in normal circumstances, the elevator can run, or the elevator immediately stop running.

The so-called safety circuit, that is, in the elevator safety components are equipped with a safety switch, all the safety switch in series, control a safety relay. Only all the safety switch is connected to the case, the safety relay pull, the elevator can get power to run.