Elevator Switch Ensure Long, Healthy And Safe Operation

In order to ensure safe operation of the Elevator Switch, there are many safety parts on the Elevator Switch . Only if each safety part is in normal condition, the Elevator Switch can run, otherwise the Elevator Switch will stop running immediately.

The so-called safety circuit, is in the Elevator Switch safety components are equipped with a safety switch, all the safety switches in series, control a safety relay. Only when all the safety switches are connected, the safety relay is absorbed and the Elevator Switch can be operated by electricity.

Today, Elevator Switch in the upper and lower operation of a variety of safety protection devices, their role and use are different. The main function of the end station deceleration control switch system:

(1) is the Elevator Switch in the fast train to run, the car into the section, from the car hit the bow touch the deceleration switch, cut off high-speed, access low-speed operation, prompting the Elevator Switch, the lower station accurate flat layer.

(2) When the Elevator Switch is running abnormally, avoid the bottom or race events to ensure the safe use of Elevator, the Low-speed Elevator Switch with v≤1m/s speed is usually fitted with an upward force deceleration limit and a downward forced deceleration limit.

The installation location should be equal to (or slightly smaller) the deceleration distance of the Elevator Switch. V≥1.5 m/s fast, high-speed Elevator Switch, generally equipped with two upward forced deceleration limit and two downward force reduction limit. Because fast, high-speed Elevator Switch Switch Switchs are generally divided into one-tier operating speed and multi-layer operating speed, at different speeds under the speed of the deceleration distance is not the same, so the multi-level operation of the deceleration limit and the single level of speed limit.

Although the principle of the deceleration switch system of the Elevator Switch and the lower station seems to be more general, but in the actual maintenance work, it is difficult to detect after the fault, the fault point is not easy to find, affecting the quality of service, affecting the owner's life and work. The following case is presented in different types of Elevator Switch Switch Switch terminal control system troubleshooting analysis, there is a certain typical, here for peers to learn, push, reference.

With the rapid development of science and technology, as the main transport Elevator Switch in the construction of vertical transportation, its technological content is also increasing, safety, comfort, energy-saving, fast functional requirements are becoming more and more perfect, while the installation, maintenance, management technical requirements are increasingly stringent. Elevator Switch End station deceleration control system, only for the Elevator Switch Switch Switch machine, TV University system in the field of a small subsystem, it seems that the principle is relatively simple, but if the failure, sometimes repair is very elusive, but also affect the overall situation. The previous case of Elevator Switch  failure is sufficient evidence to illustrate the problem. In order to ensure the normal operation of all kinds of Elevator Switch, in the Elevator Switch installation, maintenance, management must be meticulous, each link tight buckle, to ensure the quality in place at the same time, management personnel and maintenance technicians on the Elevator Switch  machine, electrical principle must be fully known, completely "digest", so as to ensure the Elevator Switch long healthy, safe operation.