Elevator Ride Safety Common Sense

With social of progress, as people daily must of a special equipment, Elevator has increasingly more to into has people of life, elevator in for people brings light of while, also brings has many blood and tears of lessons, we for those for operation improper, and careless, and suffered disaster of people was sorry, in these lessons of behind let people awake of realized that reasonable specification elevator operation and Science took ladder is very necessary of, so deliberately summary has some elevator ride security common sense, to for everyone learning and understand!
1. when riding, please see if the elevator is affixed with safety inspection certificate issued by siqsaq. More than date of elevator safety.
2. When you are waiting, please confirm your location and the purpose to reach the floor, appropriately selected "up" or "down" call button, and sidelined State, for the convenience of passengers walked out of the elevator.
3. when entering the car to see if the elevator in the flat position, it may cause damage.
4. on the occasion of opening, do not touch the halls, car door, so as not to clip the hands.
5. If the elevator is full, please be patient and wait for the next elevator service, allowed to enter crowded elevator. Do not attempt to use your hands, feet, or crutches, sticks, rods and other items to prevent the car door closed, in and out of the car to watch out for the foot, care quickly in and out of the elevator.
6. loading and unloading cargo or cart riding, don't hit the car door caused doors to prevent distortion, affect the opening and closing the car door.
7. take the elevator, holding a child's hand, take care of their pets when you need to leave the door open, or ask others to help press the door button inside the car.
8. in the elevator runs, try left standing at the gate, you can take advantage of handrails in the car, hold the hold; note indicator, ladder in advance prepared elevator arrives to stop if you don't open the door, press the door button to open the car.
9. the elevator runs, do not squeeze or hit the elevator doors, it should not touch the button or switch, so as to avoid the elevator malfunction to stop the ladder. When the elevator when suddenly out of control, heel lift, support the whole body weight on your toes and squat, with a hand on the car, preventing the end of the car hit was made, or accidents.
10. when elevators break down in layers, were trapped in the elevator, do not panic, you can use the alarm button inside the car or phone call, car and well ventilated, sufficient air, lift has a number of measures to ensure the safety of passengers, please be patient and wait for help.
Do not attempt to pass other dangerous to leave the cabin, such as attempting to force open the doors of the elevator, or percussion, press the operator panel with a hard object, as the lift running may at any time, prone to danger.