Elevator Lock Ensure Safe Use Of Elevators

Elevator Lock in the operation of the elevator plays a vital role, the safety of the elevator operation can not be separated from the existence of elevator locks, then the application of the Elevator Lock to achieve those functions? Today, the Elevator Lock manufacturers to introduce you to the use of elevator locks to achieve those functions.

1 The lock and lock of Elevator Lock effect, lock the door is not opened, the mesh depth needs to reach more than 7mm, endurance 1000N above.

2 The Force element is used to automatically reset the door lock after the door is reset device (its failure, gravity may not open the door lock).

3 The Elevator Lock wheel and open the lock wheel is the unlocking use, the elevator arrives, the door motor passes through a series of mechanical transmission, finally uses the door knife to drive the wheel and opens the door lock wheel to open the door lock, and pulls the door to open.

4 Electrical Safety Electric shock is to verify the lock hook, lock mesh to reach more than 7mm, once the electrical safety electric shock Disconnect, the elevator must not run.

5 The triangle lock of the elevator door is used to open the layer door under abnormal circumstances, that is, the triangular lock on the layer door, which is not to be used by the professionals.

Presumably through the relevant knowledge of the introduction, everyone for the excellent performance of the elevator lock has been understood, more elevator door related knowledge will continue to be sorted for you, please look forward to.

I believe that the elevator is not unfamiliar, as a professional elevator door manufacturers, my company has many years of experience in the Elevator Lock production, production of Elevator Lock products by industry acclaim, in order to better understand the Elevator Lock, below for everyone to introduce the Elevator Lock components, Come and have a look with the little weave!

Manned elevators are computer-controlled intelligent, automated equipment, do not need special personnel to operate the driving, ordinary passengers as long as the following procedures to ride and operate the elevator can. Elevator Locks are mainly to ensure the safe use of elevators, to prevent all dangerous personal safety accidents occurred. The elevator lock is composed of elevator speed limiter, safety clamp, clamp, buffer, safety touch board, Door lock, elevator safety window, elevator overload limiting device and limit switch device.

As we all know, the elevator safety accidents are frequent, so what is the reason for this phenomenon? The main property developers have not chosen a guarantee with the quality of the elevator brand cooperation, our company is committed to the production of high-quality Elevator Locks, elevator safety hazards to the lowest, below for everyone to introduce the elevator lock failure when the solution:

1, in the escalator floor elevator entrance, according to their own uplink or downlink needs, press the direction or the direction of the arrow button, as long as the button on the light on, it means that your call has been recorded, as long as the elevator arrival can be.

2, the elevator to open the door, first let the car inside the staff out of the elevator, and then the elevator into the lift car. After entering the car, according to the floor you need to reach, press the corresponding Number button on the control Panel in the car. Also, as long as the button light is on, your selection has been recorded and no other action is required, as long as the elevator arrives at your destination level.

3, the elevator drive to your goal layer will automatically open the door, at this time in order to walk out of the elevator is the end of a ladder process.

About the elevator lock failure of the situation for everyone introduced to this, mainly to maintain calm, if there is a need for the Elevator Locks are welcome to contact us at any time to provide you with high-quality Elevator Locks, security is guaranteed.