Elevator Button Simple And Convenient

Elevator Button Press the doorbell, you hear the sound; press the elevator floor key, the elevator can go straight on the target floor; press the vending machine button, the drink on the pound out of the roll. Our life is everywhere like this button, press a different button, you will get the appropriate return, simple and convenient.

Button is a very magical thing, why press the button,Elevator Button the drink can automatically fall it? (Of course, the premise is that you have to coin) Is it because there is a person in the vending machine, as long as the coin press the button, he will take a bottle of drink from the rack thrown in the mouth? If you do not open the entire vending machine, you may never understand how it works. Most people do not have the opportunity to know how vending machines are spit out, but people are still used to it. As long as each press the button can get the goods we want, what is the work principle is not very important, everything has become a conditioned reflex, thirsty, and find a vending machine, coin, press the button , Pound, drink it.

However, life, there are a lot of buttons look very powerful, in fact, there is no function.

Began to pay attention to and observe the elevator button panel, because they are aware of their usual by the two elevator design details of the different and into a chaos.Elevator Button The elevator is often and their own "think of the same", that is, the default or established mental model failure,Elevator Button we had to re-examine the elevator operator panel, re-establish the psychological model,Elevator Button find the corresponding button. If the daily often take several elevators, the rules between them and the psychological model is not the same, then one is easy to make people confused, two to increase the burden of memory, it is a lot of trouble.

Elevator Button Think that this small piece of operable area is very interesting and worthy of analysis, the curiosity to find a lot of plans to carry out research, a wide variety of design is to make people feel ... ... a little headache. A little summary of the analysis of a variety of elevator buttons on the design of different and one of the irrational.

In fact,Elevator Button this is the most I do not think there will be problems in our daily life, the basic elevator is a regular horizontal vertical alignment layout. The reason why the layout of the layout will become the general rule of our minds, I think it is a bit with the modern building structure to: a building, each layer is neatly there are several households adjacent to each other, and then the upper layer is to continue in accordance with this arrangement logic A layer of code. Children draw a simple stroke of the building, but also the first draw a out of the big box, which then try to regulate the whole set of small box. This neat arrangement is our deep impression on the concept of "floor".

A variety of unconventional modeling of the elevator button,Elevator Button if applied in daily occasions, is very failed. The daily life of the elevator, this is to help people save time to exist, characterized by large flow of people, the use of high frequency and focus on efficiency,Elevator Button the use of unconventional modeling of the elevator button, people have to understand it every time or memory This operation model can only make the passengers more irritable. But if it is used in the occasion of leisure and entertainment,Elevator Button then it is very suitable for: non-everyday occasions, leisure mood and plenty of time, people have fun to study interesting things.