China Elevator Association Li Shoulin, Director Of China's Elevator Market

China Elevator Association President Li Shoulin, Hubei held on September 27 in installation and maintenance Committee of the China Elevator Association 2013 annual meeting, talked about China's elevator market:

Status quo--Delta continues to increase, the rate of decline as the norm.

Thanks to massive economic construction, industry maintained a rapid growth over the past decade, an average annual growth rate of more than 20%. 2012 elevator manufacturing production was 592,000, population reached 2.45 million units in 2012, end of the elevator, Elevator market, China accounted for about 65% of the global elevator market. But in 2012 compared with 2011 growth rate dropped to 15.8%, below 20% for the first time. Showing incremental increase, growth rate of falling. Because of the large base, incremental reduction, the decline in growth in the coming years will be the norm, at over 20% times and we bid farewell to.

Growth in 2013 of around 18%, by 2-3 percentage points over last year, production will surpass 600,000 units, Elevator population will exceed 3 million. Market in 2013 features: "thermos bottle heater, high temperature, long duration".

Prospects--a new urbanization is the elevator industry new opportunities.

New Government of new town, an important national development strategies for the next decade. Most important thrust is to expand domestic demand, are also important elements of economic structure adjustment. China's urbanization will bring productivity and the improvement of urban agglomeration, bringing public services and infrastructure construction investment continued to expand, the elevator area will be very good news, and is a promising new opportunities.

We firmly believe that China's elevator market will face a new round of development, this round of development is not only changes in size and number, are more important in terms of quality, service and standards improved.

Future--who hold the lift market, who seize the future.

Lift the special attributes of the product and the number of elevators in China continues to increase, will create for us a continuous, steady growth of the elevator market. Is a huge service market, including updates, modification, repair, maintenance, as well as provides prerequisites for the industrial structure adjustment.

Direction and task of adjusting industry structure is very clear, that is, "from past manufacturing, adjusting for both manufacturing and services. Further adjustments to services, manufacturing, supplemented by ". This is international development of advanced national elevator industry practice, confirmed by a correct path. In North America, Europe's current industrial structures for: 70% Service, 30% manufacturing. China's elevator industry now, such conditions and maturity. When the elevator when the population reached 6 million units, how much service do we need? How much do we need to provide parts update? How much is the need to eliminate the old ladder? This market is the elevator industry sustainable development's most important resource.

Adjusting industrial structure, bigger and stronger the lift market, and is a very important task. Who caught the lift market, who caught the future, who will have the initiative in sustainable development.