Car Bottom Inspection Box Easy To Use, User-friendly

Automobile executive agencies play a very important role in the control of modern production processes, often referred to as the "hand and foot" of the production process automation, and its safe and stable operation is essential. Currently in the market with millions of ownership, located throughout the country, which many of them need to debug, maintenance and repair.

In order to comply with market demand, the March Technical Division Electric Group has developed a model for the SND-TB1 electric actuator portable test box, the Car Bottom Inspection Box to programmable logic controller (PLC) and touch screen as the control core for the electric actuator Multi-function detection, with manual detection, automatic detection, field bus detection, report storage and export, print and other functions. With easy operation, friendly interface, strong scalability, small size, easy to carry, beautiful appearance, waterproof and dustproof features and functions can be customized by the customer and service departments and other departments welcome.

The Car Bottom Inspection Box can be used as the valve company, the end user and the company's service department of the testing equipment, will greatly enhance the level of electric actuator testing, accuracy and efficiency, reduce human and material resources.

High-voltage insulation detection device operation will be in the roof by the pantos part of the load 25Kv test high voltage, so before operation must be confirmed in a safe operating state, that is, whether in the library or online use, must confirm the locomotive in the bow parking,Car Bottom Inspection Box the main road Disconnected, high-voltage connector connection status, and must confirm the locomotive roof no one operation and lock the roof door.

1, the locomotive blue key into the insulation detection power box front panel keyhole, clockwise rotation, turn on the power.

2, self-test light flashes, that is self-test, 10 seconds after the completion of self-test, if the device function is normal, then the external network without power and no power key signal input, will show "self-test success" Light off, only in this state can be carried out on the locomotive roof insulation detection.

If the device function is not normal, or if the external network has electricity, or a key signal input, will display "system self-test failure: power module failure", or "external network power", or "power key open." At the same time the corresponding indicator light is always lit,Car Bottom Inspection Box  in this state can not be locomotive roof insulation detection, until the removal of interlock fault before the next step.

3, when the insulation test start to meet the conditions (self-test success, external network power, locomotive key off), hold down the insulation detection power box on the front panel "out of the library test" or "operation detection" button,

2 seconds after the start of the insulation test, display "out of the library test" or "running detection", while the insulation detection indicator flashes. At this time the interface will display the current output voltage and mode.

When 30 seconds later,Car Bottom Inspection Box the insulation detection is completed, showing "out of the library detection is completed." At this time, "Insulation State" column shows the current locomotive roof of the high-voltage insulation state, if the "normal" description of the locomotive roof insulation at this time good, while the insulation test indicator light off, you can bow; if the "alarm" Locomotive roof high-voltage insulation performance degradation, this time the insulation test indicator light and alarm sound, should be dealt with the corresponding after the bow.

4, after the test will be blue key hit the "off" and remove the blue key, the detection device at this time in a power state.

5, in the case of insulation test, if abnormal or insulation alarm, please hit the blue key "off" bit more than 5 seconds after the re-hit the "open" bit, re-test once, in order to confirm the test results.