On the comfort of high-speed passenger elevators and noise

In the elevator runs the comfort and riding experience is very important. First is the structural design rationality, such as safe parts of the stiffness, strength, ensuring the reliability of safety components; car design weight lift weight of smoothness; gantry vertical beams meet tensile strength under the conditions of use, to have a certain degree of flexibility. All in all, the guide bracket and gantry vertical beam car between rigidity and flexibility, aimed at reducing rail contacts New Zealand music straightness causes the installation errors, guide shoes, rubber damping pad, beams, rail brackets, control systems and many other reasonable structural measures to ensure comfort in the elevator runs, thus reducing the noise.

Tractor noise and power matching size. Current, bearings, sheave Groove geometry shape is the reason of noise, noise source, because objects in motion there will be friction, friction, reduce the practical power, power motor noise after upgrading. Wire rope and sheave grooves of friction is the source pros and cons conflicts. 1:1 below the sheave grooves and 2:1 the complex around the sheave grooves make the following comparison.

1:1-grooves with v-groove, after sell by weight in v-Groove wire ropes friction increases, while wire rope deformation increases. Wire rope in the market with jitter and jitter simultaneously is passed through the wire rope to the car, even by rubber blocks to solve can only solve the sound problem, jitter problem cannot be solved. Ideas to solve this problem is to change the sheave Groove geometry, r a semicircle with guide wheel grooves, through rewind increase the friction between the two rounds to improve car and heavy, Groove and Groove pitch not too large, R slot surface rough degrees to for 0.8, because drag introduction round and oriented round dislocation a slot from, rope in access slot Shi somewhat slope, this on requirements r slot of finish to is high, wire rope in access slot Shi smooth access, makes outline rope no jitter, but then drag introduction round and oriented round Zhijian of pull is car van since gravity of 10 times times, two round of package angle and mill wipe force while Zeng big, r rope slot of geometry type-like on wire rope variant effect minimum, up to good of protection role, noise and jitter problem are has is big of changed.

Worm in an elevator traction machine, car permanent magnet synchronous traction machine noise is now a number of times, this is because the processing precision, Assembly errors, resulting in worm gears and worm rotation friction noise pass through the wire to the car. Car Wall by thin steel plate, so it's easy to transfer and amplified noise. Now the car decoration on car wall using adhesive paste, new decoration material and adhesive bonding layer between plates is also reduce the noise level. Car decoration also increases the weight of the car, some companies in the car sticker at the bottom of marble, to run up and down the car in its base of weight increases, swing will naturally diminish, comfort increase noise significantly.

Each elevator products during manufacturing, factory is the same, but with different installation after installation creates differences. Rail mounted with a elevator car swings have a close relationship. Elevator guide rails have three interface in conjunction with boots lining, glides through the run, while sedan had two boots, its base of two guide shoes, if exposed at the surface by bending the Rails, steel gantry beam too stiff to remove elastic deformation, the car would swing with the bending of rail lines. If the weight of the car, twisting swing will decrease, and this is the object in the running of dynamics.

Elevator shafts running at high speed due to air resistance and outside of the car-body friction also contributed to elevator noise is one of the main reasons, author of the research design is the car appearance, including car top, car are designed at the end of a cone-shaped structure, external design is very smooth and streamlined, not stepped in compartment to reduce air resistance. Addition on top of the shaft to a certain area of Windows that let in less elevator shaft of wind pressure resistance in a high-speed run, this one designed to reduce noise, improve riding comfort has obvious effect.