Lift the main parameters and basic specifications

1 elevator main parameters
(1) the rated load. Maximum load in the elevator car under the design. Passenger lifts, passenger lifts, bed elevator usually uses 320kg, 400kg, 630kg, 800kg, 1 000kg, 1 250kg, 1 600kg, 2 000kg, 2 500kg series, laden elevator usually uses 630kg, 1 000kg, 1 600kg, 2 000kg, 3 000kg, 5 000kg series, dumbwaiter is usually used, such as 40kg, 100kg, 250kg series.
(2) the rated speed. Elevator car under the design speed. Standard recommended elevator passenger lifts, passenger lifts, beds with 0.63m/s, 1.00m/s, 1.60M/s, 2.50 m/s series, lifts using 0.25m/s, 0.40m/s, 0.63m/s, 1.00 m/s series, dumbwaiter uses 0.25m/s, 0.40m/s series. While the practical use and 0.50m/s, 1.50m/s, and 1.75m/s, 2.00 m/s, 4.00 m/s, 6.00 m/s series.
2 lift the basic specifications
Basic specifications have the following parameters of the elevator. (1) type of elevator. Passenger elevators, escalators, elevators, lifts, beds, indicate the elevator service object. (2) the main parameters of the elevator. Includes lift rated load, the rated speed. (3) driving mode. Single speed DC drives, AC drives, AC double-speed drives, AC voltage drives, AC variable voltage variable frequency drive, permanent magnet synchronous motor drives, hydraulic drives and so on. (4) control. Handle switch control, key control, signal control, set select control, control, control, and so on. (5) car and car sizes. Car has a unique door of special requirements, as well as car roof, car wall, the car at the end of special requirements. Cabin dimensions internal dimensions and overall dimension, represented by width x depth x height. Internal dimensions determined according to the type and rating in the weight of the elevator; overall dimension related to shaft design. (6) the hoistway forms and sizes. Shaft is closed or empty format, shaft dimensions expressed as width x depth. (7) Office of car door. Doors can be divided into fractions, side-opening, direct fractional; control methods can be divided into manual gate, automatic gate, and so on. (8) the width of door openings. Refers to door width car door NET width when fully opened. According to the opening direction determines the left door or the right door. (9) the floor number. Elevator one floor of the building known as layers, the locations of the floor to access the car called the station. (10) lifting height and shaft height. (11) the top floor height and depth of the pit. (12) computer lab form. Under the engine room, engine room, inorganic, and so on.