Elevator maintenance and maintenance of frequency converter

On elevator frequency device daily of maintenance: now elevator are is with frequency device to control, dang frequency device out fault on will to many people brings inconvenience, also will urgent bad management personnel, if usually has on frequency device for maintenance, is can greatly reduced frequency device of fault rate, we in maintenance large elevator frequency device Hou, summary out usually maintenance of several to note of problem:

1, elevator electric room temperature must not be too high, otherwise the converter component easy to aging, best equipped with air conditioning, the effect is pretty good!

2, preventing rain soaked, usually in a typhoon, Windows are blown inverter got the bad and the rain.

3, lightning, this relates to the building lightning protection facilities or community as a whole, was badly damaged by lightning strikes inverters.

4, inverter cooling fans regularly cleaning and found their sound or not working replaced.

5, Elevator motor abnormal noise is usually inverter problem, such as electric three-phase current unbalance, best service, wait until the inverter completely occurs, damage may be serious.

6, if you have no experience do not own repairs, be sure to get professional maintenance staff repair. Myself will get more bad inverter.