Elevator emergency rescue

Elevator stopped running due to sudden power loss or malfunction, if car parked in layers from the larger of the two layers or dunb late; when passengers were trapped in the car. For the rescue of passengers, elevators are equipped with an emergency operator, car can be slow-moving, so as to achieve the objective of rescuing trapped passengers.

Emergency operation device has two species, a is for drag introduction type has reducer of elevator or mobile with rated load volume of car van by needed of operation force not is greater than 400N Shi, used of artificial manual emergency operation device, that disc rider round and brake wrench; another a is for no reducer of elevator or mobile with rated load volume of car van by needed of operation force is greater than 400N Shi, used of emergency electric run of electrical operation device.

1 manual emergency operation device

Manual wheel is used to turn the traction motor axle of wheel-type tool, which GB/T7024-1 997< elevator. Escalators. Terminology of lifts, escalators, passenger conveyors and manual wheel is defined as: "rely on specific human traction wheel wheel". "Round" should be rounded, non-circular cannot be referred to as "round". Our manual wheel in elevator configuration "a" glyph. "People"-shape. "Ten"-shaped and round several (right picture). GB7588-2003 (Elevator Safety Code for the construction and installation), new demands on the motor handle. GB7588-2003 1th 2.5.1 and GB7588-1995 is the difference • in order to use smooth manual wheel will move the car to a station "sentence was revised as" smooth ISl:~ to borrow the manual wheel spokes can move the car to a station ". Is specified in the GB7588-2003 manual wheel spokes should not be, therefore, the "a" glyph, "ten" style. " People "glyph manual wheel does not meet the standard requirements. In practical application, • a "glyph, • 10" shape, and people "-shaped motor handle is not easy to use, and prone to injury, and the operator, which themselves are unsafe, while rounded spokes manual wheel-free easy to use, safe operation. GB7588-2003 1th for detachable motor handle content more than GB7588-1 995: • comply with the electrical safety devices provided for in 14.1.2 should motor handle at the latest when the host was equipped with electromagnetic drive ". Electric safety devices in the GB7588-2003 Appendix A< standards electric safety devices in the list are called • check the removable motor handle position "of the device. In-use elevators do not have this device, in accordance with GB7588-2003 of the foregoing requirements, new products must be installed in the electrical safety device for elevators, the function of this device is to prevent turning drive host starting to hurt people. Has happened before forgot to turn off the power switch for manual turning, lift suddenly start turning people were injured in the accident, so installing the electrical safety device for elevators are necessary.

How to install "check the removable motor handle position" electrical safety device, I have two options:

One, we have a safety cover and axis (in the elevator is equipped with traction motor with extended shaft safety protection device shaft safety guard) that linked to the electrical safety switch, this switch is the "check the removable motor handle" safety device. Traction system is working correctly, installed in the shaft safety electrical safety switch on cover is at a steady state, when you loaded wheet, shaft safety cover must first be removed, electrical safety switches from steady state to another steady state, traction system does not work, in order to disconnect the drive master status for the purpose of turning. Sets the device should consider reloading manual wheel should not touch the electrical switch will give action.

Another programme is in the traction motor cover, install an electric safety switch, this switch is in the closed state under normal conditions close the circuit. When loaded wheet verified position switches, contacts must always be in a reliable disconnected state.

2 emergency electric operation of electric operation device

Emergency electric operation of electric equipment in the engine room, and computer lab maintenance structure, function similarly, by pressing the button to control. But the main difference is that the repair operation is a normal condition in the safety circuit. Emergency electric operation in the security loop under local fault condition occurs, such as speed limits, safety gear after the switch.

Now, elevators with gearless more force that moves the car most exceed 400N. But such escalators are equipped with emergency electric operation of electric operation device only in a short speed limiter. safety gear switches to run, but when the car. dunb or; items, emergency electric operation cannot run, affects the efficiency of emergency relief.

Roomless elevator due to less space and cause users, but the current MRL elevator emergency operation device universal manual loose, by car the unbalanced torque and moving. But when both weight and unbalanced moment when small, evacuation more difficult. Due to the small top of shaft space, cannot be achieved manually turning, recommends that the elevator without machine room configuration emergency electric operation of electric operation device.

Elevator emergency operation device appears to be a simple annex to elevator. but it is the embodiment of elevator equipment to people-oriented, should cause the lift design and manufacturing. for installation and maintenance. Use and Inspection Unit attaches to ensure power outage or failure of the elevator rescue passengers play an important role.