Elevator day-to-day maintenance and management of knowledge

Elevators must be managed, elevators and other mechanical and electrical equipment, if used properly, a person responsible for management and maintenance, failure can be repaired in a timely manner and failure to rule out completely, not only can reduce downtime for repairs, it can extend the life of the elevator, improving effect, promote the development of production. Conversely, if used improperly, or person responsible for the management and maintenance will not be able to play the normal function of the lift, and will reduce the life of the elevator, or even personal and equipment accidents, resulting in serious consequences.
Practice has proved that an elevator results good or bad, depending on the construction, installation, use, process management and maintenance aspects of quality. For a qualified through installation of new elevators, delivering satisfaction effectiveness is whether the use, the key is on the elevator control, reasonable security checks, routine maintenance and repair and other aspects of quality.
With an elevator Manager, Management Department receives a pass the installation and commissioning of new elevator, the first thing to do is to assign full-time or part-time administrative staff in order to lift running and properly handle in the use, maintenance, overhaul and other issues.
Lift a small number of units, managers can be in charge of personnel, or lift the full-time maintenance staff also.
Elevator and make frequent unit, management, maintenance and repair personnel, drivers, and should be split between more than one full-time person or group responsible had better not charge, particularly maintenance, repair, and drivers must be full-time personnel.
In the General case, managers need to carry out the following tasks:
(1) the charge control elevator Hall auto lock key, Elevator work key to the transfer switch on the control box (General cargo elevator and medical hospital bed elevator may not be installed), the engine room door lock key.
(2) based on the specific situation, determine the choice of drivers and maintenance personnel, training of units and sent to the qualifying conditions.
(3) to collect and collate the relevant technical data of the lift, including shafts and the engine room of the civil information, install floor plans, product certificate, electric control instructions, circuit diagrams and wiring diagrams, Atlas of wearing parts, installation instructions,
Use and maintenance manual, installation and acceptance specification, packing list and detail list of spare parts, installation and acceptance testing, and test record when installing the acceptance and transfer of information and materials, and national elevator design, manufacturing, installation and other technical requirements, specifications and standards, and so on.
Information collection should be registered account, safe keeping. Only one information should contact copies in advance.
(4) collect and keep the elevator spare parts, spare parts, accessories and tools. Based on random technical documentation spare parts, spare parts, accessories and tools list, cleaning up the proofreading of random spare parts, spare parts, accessories and special tools, collect remaining after installation installation materials, and establish accounts registered, reasonable care. In addition, also should provide random technical documentation technical documentation spare parts, spare parts procurement plan.
(5) based on the specific situation and conditions, Elevator management, operation, maintenance and repair of the system.
(6) familiar with the technology information collected, staff to about elevator installation, commissioning and acceptance of the situation, conditions can be controlled trial operation of elevators up and down several times, carefully check the condition of elevator well.
(7) to do the necessary preparatory work and deliverables after the conditions are, or should be sealed for the time being. When the hold time is too long, and should be dealt with properly according to technical documentation requirements.